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Gunnar Kanevad Signed Minimalist 3d Art Wood Collage Sculpture 2 Birds In Flight

3D COLLAGE SCULPTURE WALL PLAQUE. HAND SIGNED AND DATED 1981. This unique sculpture by Gunnar Kanevad features two birds in flight, expertly carved from wood and assembled in a minimalist 3D collage format. The artist’s signature adds authenticity to this piece, which is sure to be a standout addition to any art collection. The medium-sized […]

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Antique ornate carved wooden art piece 9 tall

The piece is 9″ tall and 5 1/2″ wide.

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Wood Carved Haitian Figure Signed Fritzner Simeon 32H

Carved Haitian Figure Signed Fritzner Simeon – 32H. Biography of Haitian Artist Fritzner Simeon. Early Life and Background Fritzner Simeon, born in 1950 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is a prominent Haitian sculptor renowned for his unique style and significant contributions to Haitian art. Growing up in a culturally rich and vibrant community, Simeon was exposed to […]

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George Wright Carved Bluegill Fish Sculpture Carving Springfield MO Vintage 0398

This stunning sculpture by George Wright captures the beauty of a bluegill fish in remarkable detail. The artist’s skillful carving technique brings to life the intricate scales and fins of the fish, making it a truly unique piece of art. Whether you’re an avid fisherman or simply appreciate beautiful artwork, this sculpture is sure to […]

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Vintage American Folk Art Carved Wood BISON/BUFFALO Sculpture 9X13X4 Unsigned

Vintage American Folk Art Carved Wood BISON/BUFFALO Sculpture 9″X13″X4 Unsigned. This was an estate find with no available information and it was a mixed sale of many different estates. I believe this is a Buffalo but that is a guess? He stands approximately 9″ tall and about 4″ wide and approximately 13 from tip of […]

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Unsigned, Possibly C. Andrea Bust Of Boy Art Deco

Andrea Bust Of Boy Art Deco. C ANDREA Africanist sculpture from the Art Deco period. Rare bust in black patinated plaster mounted on an original black lacquered laminated wood base. Very successful stylization, great finesse of execution and remarkable manufacturing quality characterize this superb bust. Very good condition, please see all the images. 7 1/2 […]

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Vintage Delicately Hand Carved Wood Female Bali Goddess Figure Handmade Antique

This vintage wooden figure is a beautifully crafted piece that depicts a female Bali goddess. The intricate carving of the figure showcases the skill of the artisan who made it. The figure is a single-piece work and is listed by a reseller. The figure is an original piece from the 1940s and has an original […]

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Vtg Haitian Folk Art Wood Log Sculpture. Nursing Mother & Child. 26. Signed

This vintage Haitian Wood Log Sculpture of a seated mother breast feeding her sprawling infant, is in excellent condition. This one-of-a-kind piece of Haitian folk art was hand-carved using traditional techniques from a single section of a wood log, and dates to the 1960s. It measures 26″ tall, 9″ wide, 11 at the base, and […]

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HUGE 24 Don Quixote and 15 Sancho carved hand Wood Sculptures Mexico/Spain

HUGE 24″ Don Quixote and 15″ Sancho carved hand Wood Sculptures Mexico/Spain. Biggest set ive ever seen. Hand made very nice detail see pixs. Don is missing his staff and not to sure what the 2 holes on the arms were for…

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Original Vintage Hand Carved Wood Sculpture DEER DANCER Art Approx 13 Tall

This is an original vintage wood sculpture from Mexico, depicting a Yaqui Deer Dancer. The piece is approximately 13 inches tall, 5.5 inches long, and 4.5 inches wide. It is hand-carved and made of Rosewood, with a certificate of authenticity not included. The sculpture is an original piece of art, depicting Mexican culture and is […]

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