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Focusable 450nm 5.5W Blue Laser Module TTL Carving/Burning/Engraning + Adaptor

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories. Cell Phones & Accessories. Hair Care & Styling. Tattoo & Body Art. Car & Motor parts Accessories. Car & Truck Parts Accessories. Ringtones, Logos & Software. Home Phones & Accessories. SIM Cards & Readers. Mobile & Smart Phones. Monitors, Projectors & Accs. Computer Components & Parts. Other Computers & Networking. Power […]

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Focusable real 3W 808nm laser diode module / wood carving / CNC cuting 9V input

Not inferior product, high quality, work 1 – 2 years without any problems. (1) High power output. Can adjust the focus. (2) Wood carving, can light matches, pop balloons, black plastic. (3) good cooling to ensure lifetime. (4) Coated glass lens, driver constant current and voltage, high quality. (5) Output dot diameter. Depth about 0.05 […]

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Focusable high power 3500mW 450nm blue laser module TTL 12V input Wood carving

Pictures of Engraving wood. 2, Output Power:3500mW. 3, Adjust the focus:Yes(By fingers). 4, Working Voltage:12V. 5, TTL:Yes (TTL Modulation: Make sure input TTL level PWM dightal signal). 6, Frequency for TTL control:0-20KHz. 7, Duty cycle:input 1%-100%. 8, Cooling mode:Heatsink and Fan. 11, Red cable at “+”, Black cable at “-“. 12, Size:Laser Module:904040mm;Driver board:904240mm. 13, […]

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