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Nativity Wooden Carved Sculpture Accurate Detais Free Inscription

The artist created his wood carvings in his workshop studio in Lviv (Ukraine). The city of Lviv is over 700 years old and a home of extraordinary Western Ukrainian Art. This Icon is made from the hight quality natural solid Oak wood. The Icon’s finest details and it’s sizing are involved computer processing technology with […]

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Nativity Birth of Jesus Carved Wood Icon picture painting decor sculpture art 3D

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Carved wood 3D icon, painting, artwork the. Nativity, Birth of Jesus. Carved in a hard wood with excellent details. Height – 23,62 – 600mm. Width – 27,55 – 700mm. Can be made in another dimension, according to your desire. Coverage: ecological wood coating (natural oil + antique wax), which gives each product durability. Luxury coatings […]

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