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Antonio Vitali Playforms Mid-Century Modern Carved Wood Sculpture Animal Toy Ram

A beautiful and rare Playforms carved toy ram by the great Swiss designer Antonio Vitali. The piece is in exceptional condition for its age. “Playforms” was a Division of Creative Playthings created in the 1950s to publicize the designs of Antonio Vitali of Switzerland. Measures 5″ wide and 4″ high. The item “Antonio Vitali Playforms […]

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Antonio Vitali Creative Playthings Playforms Mid Century Carved Wood Sculptures

Very rare pieces from the iconic group of carved, sculptural figures for the Playforms V60 Family Set by legendary Swiss designer Antonio Vitali dating from the 1950-60s. This particular group contains 4 figures: Man, 2 boys, and a girl. NOTE: This is not a complete set. Missing are a woman w/infant, cat and dog. The […]

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