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1930’s Chinese Faux Tortoise Turtle Shell Veneers Wood Carved Carving Box

1930’s Chinese Faux Tortoise Turtle Shell Veneers Wood Carved Box. It is 3.5 inches (8.8 cm) tall by 8 inches (20.3 cm) wide by 4.4 inches (11.2 cm) long. It is 1.25 Lb. It has uneven surface, bubbles, surface wears and scratches, and felt fabric glued to the bottom (as seen in the photos). Some […]

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1930’s Chinese Boxwood Wood Carved Carving Nude Naked Mother Baby Figure Statue

1930’s Chinese Boxwood Carved Mother & Baby Figure. It is 7.5 inches (19 cm) tall by 3.5 inches (7.6 cm) wide. It weighs 379.8 gram. It has been repairs at the hand, back, and edge. It also has cracks, chips, flea bite chips, surface wears and scratches, missing pieces to the hand held item, and […]

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1930’s Chinese Amethyst Quartz Carved Carving Boys Figure Vase Wood Stand

1930’s Chinese Amethyst Carved Covered Jar with Boys and Lady on Wood Carved Stand. It is 6.4 inches (16.2 cm) tall measured with stand and 5.1 inches (13 cm) tall measured without stand by 2.95 inches (7.5 cm) wide. It is 398 gram. The cover is glued to the vase and the vase is also […]

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1930’s Chinese Gilt Lacquer Wood Carved Carving Buddha Temple Altar Shrine Box

1930’s Chinese Gilt Lacquered Wood Carved Altar Shrine Box on Wood Stand. It is 15.2 inches (38.5 cm) tall by 10.75 inches (27.3 cm) wide. It is 6.6 Lb. It has been repaired where one corner has a small piece glued back. It also has small gaps, chips, cracks, surface wears and scratches, peeling of […]

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This wood carving was discovered in a Holyoke Massachusetts estate and has been looked at by several “experts”. The carving, as seen in the photos, has a hand written tag on the bottom that reads, “Dr Seuss 1963 Not For Sale”. I have showed this piece to several different experts, one being a Museum, and […]

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