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POWERFUL BULL Oaxacan Alebrije Wood Carving Mexican Art Animal Sculpture Decor

Powerful Bull handcrafted out of copal wood by the. Sosa family workshop in Oaxaca Mexico. Expertly crafted out of sustainably sourced copal wood which is native to Oaxaca and the preferred wood of most artists in the region. The painting is absolutely superb with hundreds of extremely fine lines and patterns inspired by Zapotec symbols. […]

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POWERFUL BULL Oaxacan Alebrije Wood Carving Mexican Folk Art Sculpture Painting

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Powerful bull alebrije wood carving from the Ramirez family workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico. The Ramirez family is known worldwide for their excellent wood carvings which are decorated with traditional Zapotec patterns. Width: 10.5″ x 10″ x 6. Copal wood (detachable tail & ears). Signed by the artist. View more great items. The item “POWERFUL BULL […]

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